Preparing For Ascension is a wonderful collection of Mary's extensive writings on Ascension and spirituality.

Preparing the Body for Ascension has a specific focus on the body and the things we can do to take care of our bodies and have them well prepared for the work in preparation for Ascension.

Journey Into Meditation is a brief, yet focussed and powerful entrée into the world of meditation. Mary has distilled great wisdom into this excellent guide.

Our Chakra System - A Portal to Interdimensional Consciousness

Mary describes the chakra system in detail and introduces the reader to the power of these energy centres.

Mary has been actively walking the spiritual path for many years and has written articles for many on-line and off-line magazines and newsletters, including her own. She has extensive knowledge and she has shared a lot of valuable information in this excellent e-book, which she is generously making available free of charge.


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To download a copy of: "Preparing the Body for Ascension",


To download a copy of: "Journey Into Meditation",


To download a copy of: "Our Chakra System",


To access Richard Presser's e-book "The Coming Golden Age and How to Prepare for it", which provides a scientific and spiritual context for Ascension, go to the Home page.

Richard has also been working closely with Carolyn Evers on bringing forth key information regarding what awaits us at the end of 2012 and beyond. See

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